Tate & Lyle Invites IFT Food Expo Attendees to Experience the Extraordinary

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Advancements in sweetening, enriching and texturising solutions highlight Tate & Lyle expertise as a one-stop solution for food and beverage manufacturing.

CHICAGO (USA), 12 July 2018 — Committed to solving challenges of reducing sugar and calories and enrichment for

IFT 2018

digestive health in food and beverages, Tate & Lyle PLC (‘Tate & Lyle’) is showcasing its extensive collection of sweetener, enrichment and texturant ingredients at the annual IFT18 Food Expo, 15–18 July, McCormick Place, Chicago.

The leading global provider of solutions and ingredients invites food and beverage manufacturers to join the extraordinary experience at booth S2806.

Sweetening the Solution

Tate & Lyle continues to play a vital role in sweetener innovation by providing technologies that help manufacturers effectively meet consumer demands for reduced sugar and calories without compromising on taste. In recent years, stevia has been one of the fastest-growing sweeteners.

As a response to consumer demand for natural solutions, Tate & Lyle introduces TASTEVA® M, a Reb M stevia sweetener. TASTEVA® M Stevia Sweetener enables manufacturers to create food and beverages made with less sugar and fewer calories to assist consumers in reaching their health and wellness goals. TASTEVA® M Stevia Sweetener achieves an unsurpassed sweetness profile comparable to sugar at high sugar replacement (>8SEV).

Tate & Lyle’s stevia offering is supported by the April 2017 partnership with Sweet Green Fields (SGF), one of the largest global stevia suppliers. With this partnership, Tate & Lyle became the exclusive global distributor of Sweet Green Fields’s portfolio of stevia-based ingredients.

In May, Tate & Lyle acquired a 15% stake in SGF who launched two new products – Optimizer Stevia™ 4.10 and Intesse Stevia™ 2.0 – that allow for lower cost in use, to help address consumers’ desire for healthier and more natural options.

"It was the next logical step in further building Tate & Lyle’s partnership with SGF, and our joint commitment to innovation in sugar and calorie reduction," said Abigail Storms, Global Vice President, Sweeteners Platform Leader at Tate & Lyle.

Fortifying with Fibres

Tate and Lyle has a portfolio of fibres, which enables them to offer solutions for fibre enrichment, sugar reduction and a variety of health benefit claims without sacrificing taste or consumer satisfaction.

In May 2016, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced a new regulatory definition for dietary fibre. As a result of the approvals of PROMITOR® Soluble Fibre (a resistant maltodextrin) and STA-LITE® Polydextrose on 13 June 2018, and the immediate qualification of PromOat® Beta Glucan, Tate & Lyle’s full fibre portfolio is now accepted under the FDA’s new fibre definition.

"By partnering with a supplier that has a broad portfolio of qualified dietary fibre ingredients, manufacturers have visibility to the options that can help them achieve claims best suited for their target audience," said Karla Wilzer, PhD, Director of Customer Marketing North America at Tate & Lyle. "This is further proof of Tate & Lyle’s commitment to introduce more fibre-fortified products to market whilst working to provide manufacturers with more options that deliver on consumer demand."

Transforming in Texture

With a portfolio of over 75 instant starches, combined with extensive expertise and proprietary technology, Tate & Lyle is a one-stop solution for formulation challenges relating to texturants.

Tate & Lyle recently launched four new instant starches under the X-PAND’R®, MERIGEL® and TENDER-JEL® brands. These new instant starches, thickeners and film formers, are developed for use in different applications to help manufacturers achieve full sensory attributes specific to various food and beverage categories.

At IFT18, Tate & Lyle is showcasing TEXTURE-VANTAGE® Expert Systems, a new suite of proprietary tools to help formulators innovate with texture.  Elements of the Tate & Lyle approach to texture science will be shared by Dr Judy Whaley, VP, Global R&D, Texturants for Tate & Lyle. TEXTURE-VANTAGE® includes Texture Maps, WikiStarch and Texture University, and it is available exclusively to Tate & Lyle scientists to use with their customers.

"The unique benefit of TEXTURE-VANTAGE® is that it brings together a combination of functional insights, interactive starch selection tools and predictive modelling," Dr Whaley said.

Dedicated to continuous innovation in texture science, Tate & Lyle recently held its Second Annual Convening event at its Innovation Centre in Hoffmann Estates, Ill. The event saw leading food experts and scientists gather from around the world with a common goal of discovering today’s leading texture solutions whilst anticipating tomorrow’s challenges.

To learn more about Tate & Lyle’s solutions for food and beverage and complete portfolio of innovative ingredients, visit booth S2806 or go to tateandlyle.com.

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About Tate & Lyle: 
Tate & Lyle is a global provider of solutions and ingredients for food, beverage and industrial markets.

Tate & Lyle operates through two global divisions, Food & Beverage Solutions and Primary Products, supported by the Innovation and Commercial Development and Global Operations teams. Food & Beverage Solutions is focused on growth by building leading positions globally in the categories of beverages, dairy, and soups, sauces and dressings. Primary Products is focused on delivering steady earnings and generating cash.

Food & Beverage Solutions consists of: Texturants, including speciality starches; Sweeteners, including low- and no-calorie sweeteners; and a Health and Wellness portfolio comprising mainly speciality fibres; and Stabilisers and Functional Systems, which are bespoke ingredient blends that ensure foods retain their structure.

Primary Products consists of high-volume sweeteners, industrial starches and fermentation products (primarily acidulants).  It also sells co-products from the corn milling process as animal nutrition.

Tate & Lyle is listed on the London Stock Exchange under the symbol TATE.L. American Depositary Receipts trade under TATYY. In the year to 31 March 2019, Tate & Lyle sales totalled £2.8 billion. For more information, please visit http://www.tateandlyle.com or follow Tate & Lyle on Twitter or Linkedin.