Building a successful brand through our people


Our brand is a great way for us to communicate what we do, how we do it and why. But how do we bring our brand to life? It’s not through a fancy logo or pretty pictures, or only from a single ad campaign or a big marketing spend. People drive a brand’s success or failure. You can have the best brand identity in the world, but if your people don’t believe in your brand and understand how they bring it to life, your customer isn’t going to buy into your brand either. When Tate & Lyle launched our brand promise in 2015 – what we call Making Food Extraordinary – we turned to our people to be our greatest brand champions. 

Brand Ambassadors
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Using Brand Ambassadors to build brand ambassadors

As a company of more than 4,000 people spread over 60 locations in 27 countries, we rely on our people to help us communicate the part our employees play in delivering our brand promise. The Tate & Lyle Brand Ambassadors are colleagues from around the world who help our people live our brand promise. They make sure our brand values are alive in all that we do—from developing a new ingredient to delivering an order or paying our suppliers. Ultimately, all of us at Tate & Lyle are brand ambassadors, and our Brand Ambassador network helps ensure all of us are living our brand day-in and day-out.

Building pride in what we do

We know that when our people truly see how they’re Making Food Extraordinary, they feel proud to work at Tate & Lyle. Our Brand Ambassadors connect our employees to the bigger picture by running local events, sharing corporate news and hosting tastings to connect our employees to our ingredients and solutions, and our customers’ products. When your people feel connected and part of your brand, their excitement spills over to your customers.

Alissa Clarke, Senior Manager, Brand and Communications, shares how our brand ambassadors helps engage others: “We’ve had the global brand ambassador team running for more than two years now. They’ve delivered some exciting and successful events, such as product tastings, across the globe. When our people can see, touch, taste and hear how the solutions they helped make have made it possible for our customers to make extraordinary products , they feel proud. Bringing that magic to our people couldn’t happen without our brand ambassadors.”

Meet our Brand Ambassadors

This year, we gathered our brand ambassadors in different regions to talk about brand at Tate & Lyle. They were able to exchange ideas to help our people live our brand promise and learn how to use social media to share their stories. They also learned some exciting things about our 150-year history and future ambitions. At the end of the two days, we asked them to tell us what being a brand ambassador means to them. Check out this video to hear what they had to say.