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Stevia, a plant-extracted sweetener, contributes zero calories, does not raise blood sugar and is 200 to 300 times sweeter than sugar. These facts alone mean stevia sweeteners can achieve the same sweetness as sugar by using only a tiny amount. In addition, stevia sweeteners are derived from a natural plant source, which makes it appealing to a majority of consumers.

As obesity and diabetes rates rise, people around the world are looking for easy ways to consume less sugar while enjoying the foods and beverages they love. Additionally, many consumers have become sceptical of artificial ingredients, sparking the trend of “clean-label” claims and products featuring more natural and plant-derived ingredients.

Stevia Solutions is available in:
4 Regions
  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe, Middle East and Africa
  • Asia Pacific
From Seed to Sweetener: Inspiring Great Tasting, Reduced Sugar Solutions

Tate & Lyle has partnered with Sweet Green Fields Co. Ltd.,  one of the largest privately held, fully integrated global stevia ingredient companies, to present a full profile of stevia solutions suitable for any application, bringing to the table decades of stevia expertise, a unique sweetener formulation experience, thousands of recipes, supply security and a team of experts.

With Tate & Lyle global applications teams, you can reduce the cost of R&D, gain access to proprietary, ingredient-specific research and improve your development productivity. Enjoy an innovative approach that takes you from idea to consumer testing faster than ever before.

Stevia Sweetener Matcher

Making stevia work for you

Our stevia-based sweetening solutions overcome the bittersweet challenges associated with stevia, and deliver the taste and mouthfeel consumers want.

Products available

This SG95 family offers cost-effective stevia solutions for lower levels of sugar replacement.

Greenesse™ Stevia 50

Greenesse™ Stevia 60

Greenesse™ Stevia 80

A range of purified rebaudioside A (Reb A) products are available to provide both standard stevia solutions and ones with further taste and performance refinement.

Sweetesse™ Stevia 95

Sweetesse™ Stevia 97

Altesse™ Stevia 99

Puresse™ Stevia 100

This product family offers proprietary compositions with similar taste and quality to Sweetesse™ Stevia 97, but at a better cost in use. These products are optimized steviol glycosides compositions and provide ideal alternatives for Reb A products in the purity range of RA80 to RA97 to enable a lower cost in use without compromising on taste.

Optimizer™ 1.10

Optimizer™ 2.10

Optimizer™ 3.10

Dual 3.05

This family of premium stevia sweeteners provides optimized compositions that have a cleaner taste and enable higher levels of sugar reduction. These products are the ideal choice for food and beverage products with challenging sugar-reduction goals.

Intesse™ Stevia

Omega Stevia


TASTEVA® M Stevia 
This latest stevia sweetener offering, Rebaudioside M, is produced from a stevia leaf extract, delivers zero-calorie sweetness and provides a taste that’s remarkably clean and sugar-like, without the bitterness or linger of conventional stevia sweeteners. TASTEVA® M can be used on its own or in combination with other sweetener solutions in our portfolio.

Natrose™ I is a glycosylated stevia flavour that complies with FEMA GRAS 4728. The Natrose™ family includes the flavour itself and some unique blends with steviol glycosides ready-made for either 30 or 50% sugar replacement in applications such as beverages and dairy products.

Natrose™ I Natural Flavour

Natrose 30

Natrose 50

This stevia-based product enables a clean, sweet taste and labels as natural flavour (per FDA definition), at an advantaged cost-in-use when compared with other glycosylated stevia extract flavors. ZOLESSE™ Natural Flavour works with stevia sweeteners and astringent flavors to reduce bitterness and linger, helping formulators to achieve the exact taste they need.

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